Great commitment to a healthy workplace

Weicon wins award Healthy Workforce 2019

The Muenster-based producer of adhesives and sealants Weicon received the award “Healthy Workforce 2019“ for its efforts in promoting health and wellness at work.

In times of skills shortage, companies need to be particularly active and creative in winning and keeping qualified employees. Aspects like work atmosphere, the design of workspaces as well as promoting a healthy workplace are a great advantage in winning over skilled employees. Weicon offers its around 260 employees exceptional working conditions and recently received the award “Healthy Workforce 2019“ for its great commitment.
The award is conferred by the market research company EuPD Research Sustainable Management GmbH, which is located in Bonn, but operates internationally.

Healthy employees at Weicon

The initiative “Healthy Workforce“ evaluates a company’s efforts to offer its employees tools and activities in ergonomics and health care.

At Weicon, there are a number of both – for example height adjustable desks for all employees, free membership in a gym nearby, a physiotherapy clinic within the company, additional private health insurance, company bikes, free fruit and drinks and many more.

Because of these many benefits, Weicon was rated 77.4% by the EuPD in Bonn. That makes the Muenster-based family business a role model when it comes to a healthy workplace, which is why it was given the award.

“We are very happy that our concept for promoting our employees‘ health was honoured with this award. It shows us that we are headed in the right direction and that we as an employer take care of our team. Healthy and motivated employees are an important part of our company’s successs. We will keep taking actions to further optimise the working conditions in our company,“ says Ralph Weidling, managing director of Weicon.

Thanks to the excellent result, the company has also qualified for the application process of the annual "Corporate Health Award 2019", which honours the healthiest companies in Germany.


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 WEICON Healthy Workforce 2019


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