Weicon is quality partner

Cooperation with the Association of Technical Trade

The Muenster-based producer of adhesives and sealants now belongs to the quality partners of the Association of Technical Trade (German: VTH Verband Technischer Handel e.V.).
Weicon therefore moves up to the group of 25 companies, which cooperate directly with the technical trade in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

VTH quality partner

The Association of Technical Trade (VTH) closely cooperates with its own members as well as with industrial companies in many different economic sectors. The goal of this intense exchange is, for example, to optimise distribution channels or the training of employees in certain fields.

This intense cooperation resulted in the VTH founding a special partnership along with well-known industrial companies in 1999, so 20 years ago already, in order to make the many accomplishments and advantages, which the cooperation between industry and trade brings forth, better known.

Since 2016, these partners are referred to as VTH quality partners and they are an important part of the performance collective, which comprises the association, its members and the 25 brand-name producers.

The quality partner initiative supports the association with many activities, like placing advertisements and writing reports in trade magazines or publishing press releases.

With this support, the customers from industry, trades and crafts, and from the public sector are supposed to be won over by the technical trade as ideal distribution channel.

Another important activity of the partners is supporting the marketing of the technical trade. This includes the promotion of the range of seminars the association offers as well as organising a series of events, which inform distributors and producers about central industry topics.

To keep the member companies up to date in terms of the association’s activities, the partners also publish the newsletter “IQ – Impulses for Quality“ four times a year.

In each issue, the focus is on one central topic, which is an important part of the cooperation between the association and the partners. For example, maintaining a brand, the quality of advice or the joint quality strategy have already been covered.

The quality partners of the VTH include, for example, ContiTech from the Continental Group, the adhesive producers Henkel and Sika, Norres, a supplier of hose systems, and the producer of sealing solutions Trelleborg.

Economics graduate Thomas Vierhaus, managing director of the VTH: “We are very happy to welcome Weicon as a family-owned company rich in tradition to our group of partners. The wide range of chemical products and tools and the many services Weicon offers are a valuable enrichment to our member companies and our quality partners.“

“We are very proud to now belong to the quality partners and to cooperate closely with the VTH and the technical trade in the future. For us, the trade is the most important supplier of our chemical products and tools,“ says Ralph Weidling, president of Weicon.

VTH Verband Technischer Handel e.V. (Association of Technical Trade)

The VTH was founded in 1904 as voluntary protective association of the asbestos and rubber product distributors.

It is the only professional association for the specialist technical trade and for the technical distributors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Besides the representation of the interests of the member companies, the association has also become a service provider. The members benefit from industry-specific information on economic, legal and professional advice, from trade events, offerings by cooperation partners or the findings of different research projects.

Members of the VTH

The members of the association are approximately 250 wholesalers for industrial and technical supplies including all associated services. This comprises more than 400 points of sale in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the neighbouring countries and adds up to a total turnover of 4 billion euros.

The product range of the member companies includes rubber and plastic products, drive elements, hoses and fittings as well as gaskets and rolling bearings. Many companies also offer sealants and adhesives, fire retardants, conveyor belts, pumps, chemo-technical maintenance products or tools and personal protective equipment.


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