Easy-Mix PE-PP 50

  • 10665050    |    PU: 1
  • 4024596081461
    • transparent | for low surface energy plastics | for small bonding gaps


WEICON Easy-Mix PE-PP 50 is a 2-component construction adhesive based on methyl acrylate. Due to its transparent curing, it is particularly suitable for visually appealing, high-strength adhesive bonding of low surface energy plastics, such as PE, PP and TPE. Thanks to its special formula, the adhesive is suitable for zero-gap bonds and for connecting surfaces with extremely small bonding gaps of less than 0,2 mm. The structural adhesive has a fast strength build-up and a high final strength. It is impact-resistant, ageing-resistant, chemical-resistant, and slightly thixotropic. PE-PP 50 has a short pot life of six minutes and a processing time of twelve minutes. It is applied with a 1:1 system and does not require pre-treatment of the bonding surfaces, as the adhesive has an integrated primer. For the application of the Easy-Mix product, the Dispenser Easy-Mix D 50 is required.