Aqua-Flex MS-Polymer
Aqua-Flex MS-Polymer
Aqua-Flex MS-Polymer Aufkleben von Natursteinumrandung auf Teichfolie
Aqua-Flex MS-Polymer Ausbesserungs- und Reparaturarbeiten im Dachbereich
Aqua-Flex MS-Polymer Verkleben von Dachrinnenteilen wie Verbinder, Endkappen, etc.

Aqua-Flex MS-Polymer

  • 13700310    |    PU: 1
  • 4024596010508
    • ideal for wet and moist surfaces


WEICON Aqua-Flex adhesive and sealant is strong, overpaintable (wet in wet), has outstanding ageing stability, and is resistant to weathering, UV rays, freshwater and salt water. It is free of silicone, isocyanate, halogens or solvents.

Aqua-Flex has an ISEGA certificate and can be used as an adhesive in foodstuff technology.

WEICON Aqua-Flex is an elastic adhesive and sealant on MS polymer basis for wet and damp substrates. It is suitable for the bonding of numerous materials such as metal, plastic, ceramics, wood, glass and stone.

Aqua-Flex can be used for pipeline and cable work, tank and apparatus engineering, in ventilation and air conditioning systems, gardening and landscaping, in sanitary installations and in all applications where silicones or products containing silicones are not suitable.