WEICON Injection Packer Set

WEICON Injection Packer Set

  • 10851020    |    PU: 1
  • 4024596081096
    • Gap compensation in the marine, construction and other industrial sectors

In complex constructions, such as bridges, pillars as well as machines and systems, gaps can form on top plates, bridge bearings, or flange connections due to different environmental influences. As a result, a flush frictional connection is no longer ensured.

With the help of the WEICON Injection System and a gap-bridging product, like the epoxy resin system WEICON WR, the void can be filled.

The Injection Packer Set includes perfectly compatible components, by which individual and project-related processing solutions can be provided.

The Injection Packer Set for the connection between cartridge and injection packer is available as well as two different sizes of injection packers.

The Injection Packer Set comprises a threaded nozzle R1/4"-8 PA6, one metre tube PE 10x8 mm, and a tube valve PE. Injection Packers are available in the sizes 50x30x10 mm and 50x25x25 mm.