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Mixing Nozzles PE-PP Mixing Nozzles PE-PP
  • Only Easy-Mix PE-PP 45
Mould Release Agent Mould Release Agent
  • silicone-free sliding and release agent
Dispenser Easy-Mix D 50 Dispenser Easy-Mix D 50
  • fast material application | economical | process-reliable application of Easy-Mix adhesives
Smoothing Agent Smoothing Agent
  • simple smoothing of many sealants
Adapter for WSD 400 Adapter for WSD 400
  • antistatic effect
Pressurized-Air Spray Can WSD 400 Pressurized-Air Spray Can WSD 400
  • Aluminum container, versatile use
Pump-Dispenser WPS 1500 Pump-Dispenser WPS 1500
  • Plastic extension
CA-Activator Spray CA-Activator Spray
  • Accelerates the curing time of WEICON Contact Cyanoacrylate Adhesives.
CA-Activator Spray AC CA-Activator Spray AC
  • Activator for cyanoacrylate adhesive on the basis of acetone. For joints without "blooming" effect, especially with high-viscosity types and larger adhesive layers.
CA-Primer for Polyolefines CA-Primer for Polyolefines
  • Pre-treatment for bonding Polyolefines in combination with WEICON Contact Cyanoacrylates.
Dispenser PE-PP Dispenser PE-PP
  • Processing Easy-Mix PE-PP
Colour Paste Black Colour Paste Black
  • special colour paste on the basis of finely dispresed pigments
Activator for RK-1300 & RK-1500 Activator for RK-1300 & RK-1500
  • Activator for RK-1300/1500
Surface Cleaner Surface Cleaner
  • pretreatment of bonding surfaces
Double Nozzle Double Nozzle
  • Multifunctional spray head
Contact Filler Contact Filler
  • Filling material for instant bonding and filling of cracks, gaps and holes in combination with VA 8312.
Primer M 100 Primer M 100
  • for non-absorbent surfaces
Special Mixing Nozzle Special Mixing Nozzle
  • fast-curing
Primer K 200 Primer K 200
  • for non-absorbent and painted plastic surfaces
Primer S 300 Primer S 300
  • for porous and absorbent surfaces
Primer P 400 Primer P 400
  • for polyolefins
Primer E 500 Primer E 500
  • for metal surfaces
Mould Release Agent Liquid F 1000 Mould Release Agent Liquid F 1000
  • solvent-containing
Mould Release Agent Wax P 500 Mould Release Agent Wax P 500
  • solvent-containing
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