Black-Seal Special Silicone
Black-Seal Special Silicone
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Black-Seal Special Silicone

  • 13051310    |    PU: 1
  • 4024596022341
    • extremely resistant against oil and grease


WEICON Black-Seal adhesive and sealant is black, high-temperature resistant (+280°C/+536°F), free of solvents, strong, oil-resistant, grease-resistant, pressure-resistant, resistant to ageing and extremely elastic (breaking elongation of approx. 500%).

Black-Seal is suitable for bonding and sealing in applications where particularly high oil and grease resistance is required.

WEICON Black-Seal can be used on gearbox, valve and casing covers, oil sumps, water pumps, gears and axles, flanges, tanks and containers, and in many other areas.

H229 - Pressurized container: may burst if heated.